See it in Action GPSMAP® 8000
The Power of Simple

The GPSMAP 8000 Glass Helm series provides the most powerful, technologically advanced, easy to use, chartplotter solutions we have ever offered. It is a sleek, completely integrated glass helm made powerfully simple. 

Choose between multifunction display (MFD) or Black Box system

The GPSMAP 8000 MFD series includes your choice of 8”, 12” and 15” touchscreen displays. GPSMAP 8500 Black Box Systems can be equipped with your choice of Garmin Marine 15”, 17” and 19” touchscreen monitors, as well as an option that includes worldwide BlueChart® g2 cartography.

Multi-touch displays

Touchscreen displays feature pinch-to-zoom and other convenient controls that put everything at your fingertips, including various sonar technologies including CHIRP, integrated autopilot, connectivity, apps, engine data, multimedia and more.


Everything is integrated, right at your fingertips, right on the screen. Unique SmartMode control allows you to switch all monitors in sync to a custom preset mode like "fishing" or "docking" without manually switching each monitor separately.


External 10Hz GPS/GLONASS updates your boat’s position and heading 10 times per second displaying fluid vessel movement that puts you right above where you want to be.

Garmin Card Reader

Provides convenient remote mounting and a single access point for two SD® card slots for mapping. You can add multiple card readers for additional access points. Waterproof magnetic door allows card reader to be mounted horizontally or vertically.

Garmin Remote Input Device (GRID)

A remote device that provides full control of all GPSMAP 8000/8500 series units. Rotary knob and joystick controls provide navigation through menus and screens. Allows you to seamlessly navigate between monitors at a station. Control single or multiple monitors with one device. Supports multiple devices per station. Can be integrated into a captain’s chair.

A beautiful addition

Give your boat a sleek, beautiful glass helm look with the ultimate Garmin integrated navigation system. Install with either a low-profile flush mount or custom flat mount for a smooth glass look.

Integrated Autopilot

Easily access your autopilot control from any display.

Powerfully simple user interface

Combined with a user-interface that’s designed for efficiency, the 8000-series is perfect for any helm. The refreshed interface has been streamlined to help access the most important menus and settings and provides a more intuitive experience. With a user control bar docked at the bottom of the screen, information such as waypoints, autopilot and the home menu are always only a touch away.

GPSMAP 8000 - The mariner’s dream.

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