I gave 7 of my family members Garmin products this year. Two 410 watches, two 200 cycling computers, two 500 cycling computers (one for myself) and one nüvi car GPS for my dad's midlife crisis rock crawling Jeep. Gary H.
I own 8 of your DC 40 collars and your Astro 220. I love my units! They are invaluable. I used to lose at least a couple dogs a year. Since I bought this system, I haven’t lost a single one! John M.
1st day of training with Garmin, workouts will never b the same
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Look what arrived yesterday! My first @Garmin! So excited.
#sweatpink #lovemygarmin
I believe Garmin is far ahead of the other flightdeck equipment manufacturers in technology and simplicity of operation. Scott B.
President, Onflight
Hi Cecil,
I lost my cord & asked on Twitter if anyone had a spare but I didn't place an order or email Garmin...Did you guys do that for me? Based on one tweet? Because if so, that's the most amazing customer service I've ever seen in my whole life. Seriously... and I'm a Director of Marketing. Thanks, Cate