KC Cache Dash 2012


Join the geocaching

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Create your own geocache.

Create your own cache to take home and hide.

Get some great swag to help make your geocaches even more awesome.

Search for nearby geocaches.

Search for nearby geocaches.

Find your first geocache or add a couple new ones to your tally.


Learn from the OpenCaching.com experts.

OpenCaching.com Ambassadors and Garmin engineers will explain the ins and outs of geocaching and show you how to get started.

Connect to the community.

Connect to the Community

Talk with representatives from our charities, learn how to get a jumpstart on your merit badge or just swap stories with fellow geocachers.

Event Schedule

9 am –

Expo begins at Garmin Headquarters

9:30 am –

Opening remarks by Garmin, KidsTLC, Project Uplift, Sleepyhead Beds and the YMCA

10 am –

KC Cache Dash kicks off and the four Range Rovers depart Garmin to start searching

Noon –

Expo wraps up at Garmin and festivities head north to Land Rover Merriam

1 pm –

Expo begins at Land Rover Merriam

4 pm –

All Range Rovers must be back at Land Rover Merriam

4:30 pm –

Awards Ceremony, allocation of donations and announcement of fundraising results

Garmin Campus

1200 E. 151st St. in Olathe, KS, 9am – Noon

We’ll kick off the team challenge and spotlight our charities. Booths will be set up to help you learn to cache, build a cache, learn about the evolution of Garmin products and more. Several caches will be hidden onsite, as well. MAP

Aristocrat Motors

9400 West 65th St. in Merriam, KS, 1 – 4:30 pm

Learn to cache, build a cache and several other booths will move to Aristocrat Motors, home of the team challenge finish line. Awards will be handed out at the end of the day. MAP