Redefine Cockpit Connectivity

What is Connext?

Connext from Garmin is a suite of services designed to simplify the way you fly. Using cutting-edge technology, it keeps you connected to flight information, weather and even your loved ones or business partners on the ground.

With Connext, you choose the services you want right now while enjoying the flexibility to add new services when the need arises. Plus as new technologies develop, new services will be added to the Connext lineup. So get Worldwide Weather and global communications today, but open your aircraft up to a whole world of possibilities tomorrow.

World Wide Weather

With World Wide Weather through Connext, you can easily check weather conditions in virtually every corner of the globe. World Wide Weather gives you access to NEXRAD radar, cloud cover, METARs, TAFs and much more for any point on the glob where the data is available. You can access this information right on your Garmin flight display from virtually anywhere in the world.

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