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The clearest scanning sonar images on the water

ClearVü is the name we have given to describe our new family of scanning sonar technologies. They utilize a unique, multi-element shaded array transducer to transmit a wide array of impulses and retrieve more information to provide the clearest scanning sonar images available on the market. This family includes DownVü and DownVü/SideVü scanning sonar with CHIRP technology.

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This high-frequency sonar gives you a clearer picture of what’s below your boat, by producing a more detailed representation of objects, structure and fish. DownVü with CHIRP technology takes it one step further, producing an ultra-clear image with even more detail.

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SideVü shows you what is happening to the sides of your boat, an excellent way of finding structure and fish. SideVü with CHIRP technology provides an even more detailed and higher resolution image of what is beneath the surface.


DownVü gives you the clearest, nearly photographic sonar view of what’s below your boat. It uses an all-in-one HD-ID™ and DownVü transducer allowing you to have both traditional and DownVü images on your screen.

Devices with DownVü Built In

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DownVü with CHIRP Technology

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Adding CHIRP technology to DownVü scanning sonar further enhances image resolution, target separation, and clarity of the images of fish and structure that pass below your boat.

Devices compatible with DownVü with CHIRP

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SideVü shows you what is happening to the sides of your boat. An excellent way of finding structures and fish.

Devices with SideVü Built In

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SideVü with CHIRP Technology

Adding CHIRP technology to SideVü scanning sonar gives you a crystal-clear image of everything that passes to the side of your boat.

Devices compatible with SideVü with CHIRP

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