G1000® for King Air

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Why you should upgrade


Bring your King Air into the modern age of flight. A G1000 lets you fly WAAS LPV approaches into thousands of airports, brings your aircraft into ADS-B “Out” compliance, and allows you to go paperless with electronic flight bag features. Plus it keeps you on the leading edge with SVT™ synthetic vision technology, subscription-free weather, datalink traffic and more.

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Weight Savings



On average, the G1000 upgrade removes 250 lbs. of hardware and wiring from your aircraft. That’s another passenger you can bring onboard or more cargo you can carry. It could even mean you can take on more fuel for longer flights.

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Electronic Stability

Synthetic Vision

Traffic and Weather

The G1000 greatly enhances your situational awareness. SVT™ synthetic vision provides a 3-D representation of what lies ahead while TAWS-A/B offers aural and visual alerts. Your MFD offers instant access to enhanced traffic display, large moving map and in-flight weather from your choice of sources. The system even integrates with a state-of-the-art autopilot that provides Electronic Stability and Protection (ESP) to help prevent excessive pitch/roll or underspeed conditions.

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When you view the G1000 upgrade as an investment, it just makes sense. The money you spend on a G1000 will be reflected in the value of your aircraft. Aircraft Bluebook adds $375,000 or more to their estimate of a G1000-equipped King Air.

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Cost of Ownership

Over time, your G1000 will begin to pay for itself. Flying at reduced vertical separation minima (RVSM) altitudes allows you to burn less fuel on your routes. Ultra-reliable solid-state sensors help cut down on aircraft downtime. And in the unlikely event that you experience problems, you’ll pay a predictable flat rate for repairs. Plus, the system is backed by a product support team ranked #1 for 9 consecutive years.

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