Panoptix all-seeing sonar is unlike anything you’ve ever seen on the water. It gives you the ability to see all around your boat in real-time. You can see fish in the water column in 3D. You can also see your bait cast into the water and watch it as you reel it in. You can see fish swimming in front of or below your boat. You can even see them chase your lure.

Panoptix LiveVü Forward

The sleek Panoptix PS21 LiveVü Forward transducer is specifically designed to attach to your trolling motor. It gives you the single most compelling view of Panoptix. See your lure as you retrieve it. See fish swimming and their reaction to your lure — as it happens — live on your compatible Garmin chartplotter/sonar combo, wherever your trolling motor is pointed!

Panoptix Forward

The Panoptix Forward transducer provides two impressive views, even if your boat is stationary. It shows the bottom plus fish and bait swimming in the water column in front of your boat – in real time. You can even see your lure as you reel it in. You can also get 3D views of fish and structure in front of your boat.

Panoptix unit

Panoptix Down

The Panoptix Down transducer delivers three remarkable views. You can actually see fish and bait swimming under your boat – in real time. You can even see fish in the water column in 3D, from the bottom to the surface. Even while stationary, you can still see in 3D below your boat.

Panoptix unit 1 Panoptix unit 2
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