FRS/GMRS radio

Satellite Imagery compatible

5MP camera (655t only)


2.6-inch display


High-sensitivity GPS

Li-ion battery (650 and 655t only)


Stay in Touch, Document Your Journey


Weather any storm with Rino’s built-in NOAA radio (not available on the 610)


Use the track manager to keep tabs on who you’ve been following


Record (and time stamp) notes you receive from contacts for later review, or forwarding


Create more dashboards in more places with 1 touch access to the icons you want


Customize Rino to be as well-rounded as you with different profiles, based on what you’re doing


View multiple contacts on 1 screen, so even if you're far away, you can see where your friends are in relation to you


Rino 610

Base model

Rino 650

3-axis compass
Barometric altimeter

Rino 655t

Preloaded 100K topo mapping
5 megapixel autofocus camera