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Thank you for your purchase of the Vector power meter. You now have a complete training solution from one source. From your Garmin device to your Vector power meter to the post-ride analysis at Garmin Connect™ — you can trust the equipment and the support, all from Garmin. This site provides the resources needed to install and update Vector yourself.

We’ve optimized this site for use on mobile devices, so go ahead and take it to the garage or wherever your bike is located when you access the installation videos.


It’s important to register your Vector power meter to validate your warranty and ensure you receive notification of software updates through the life of your product. Make sure your compatible Garmin Edge® or Forerunner® device is registered as well and has the latest software.



To ensure proper installation of your Vector pedals, please view the following videos in order. You can also play the entire series in order here.

Note: Be sure to update your Garmin device software before you begin. There may be a required update before you can pair with Vector.

1. Unboxing Vector

2. Ensuring Vector fits your bike

3. Removing existing pedals before installing Vector

4. Installing Vector

5. Pairing Vector with your Garmin device

6. Preparing for your first ride with Vector

7. Before each ride with Vector

8. Removing Vector pedals

9. Updating Vector


Want to see Vector installation and update information in written form? Download the manuals here.

Quick Start Manual Owner's Manual


As software updates for Vector become available, you can perform the update yourself using the Vector Updater App.
Note: Internet connection and ANT+™ USB stick required.

Get The App Watch Video


When you use Vector with a compatible Garmin device, you can view a variety of power metrics and cadence on the unit. With a free subscription to Garmin Connect, our online site to store, plan and share your ride, you’ll get additional analysis, including a graph of left/right balance and data for best average power over a specified period.

Garmin Connect


Vector is compatible with the following Garmin devices, plus other ANT+ enabled head units.
Note: Be sure to update your Garmin device software before you begin. There may be a required update before you can pair with Vector.


For Vector accessories and replacement parts, check Garmin.com.


For questions related to Vector or your Garmin device, check our FAQs or contact Garmin Support.