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This app is no longer available for purchase or download.

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Whether you're finding your way around a foreign city, locating a restaurant in your own neighborhood, or looking for the shortest route home, víago is the way to go. It's easy to use and includes features you won't find in free apps – plus the ability to add advanced features you can only get from Garmin.

International Map Browsing & Regional Navigation

Search addresses and browse points of interest internationally wherever map data is available. Navigate right to destinations in your region with free voice-guided turn-by-turn directions whether you’re traveling by vehicle or on foot. You can even plan entire routes with multiple stops. Our online maps always feature the latest map data available and don’t require storage space on your device.

Lane Assist with photoReal Junction Views

Know which lane to be in before it's too late with lane assist and see a realistic depiction of upcoming interchanges, exits and highway crossings with photoReal junction views.

Traffic and Speed Info

See the speed limit for the road you're on, as well as your own current speed. Color-coded traffic information displays on the map to show you where you might encounter problems.

Upgrade Your Experience

Optional upgrades let you add the capabilities you desire to help you get to where you're going.

  • Maps to Go

    Download full-featured Maps to Go to your device so you're not at the mercy of spotty cellular reception or a limited data plan. Enjoy saving space on your device by only storing the maps you need. Choose Maps to Go for a single region or download all available regions at once.

  • Sound & Buildings

    Add 3-D buildings and landmarks to your maps to aid in orientation. Spoken street names allow you to better navigate without taking your eyes off the road.

  • Mobile Alert Live

    Receive alerts for mobile speed cameras as reported by fellow drivers. This community-based speed cam service even lets you report and confirm speed cam placements to help make the service even better. Requires Maps to Go. Not permitted in all countries.

  • Safety Kit

    See speed warnings and receive alternative route suggestions (like fastest vs. shortest route). The safety kit also provides school zone warnings and active lane guidance. Requires Maps to Go.

  • Garmin Real Directions

    Receive directions spoken to you like a friend using easy-to-see landmarks, buildings and traffic lights rather than hard-to-read street names. Requires Maps to Go.

  • Traffic Live

    Real-time traffic flow and incident alerts let you know about tie-ups before they’re an issue and reroutes you around them on the fly.

Panorama View 3D

See the terrain around you, including mountains, hills and valleys. Requires Maps to Go.

Urban Guidance

iPhone® only

Find your way around major cities on foot or by using public transportation.

Free Bonus Package

iPhone only

Customize the look of your app with various map themes and vehicle icons just by sharing some basic information like your email address with us so we can keep you in the loop about new products and innovations. View our privacy statement.

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